Best Fat Tyre Electric Bikes: Our Top 5

Fat tyre electric bikes are a fantastic option for many individuals. Their large tires provide stability and traction, perfect for exploring, commuting and hitting the trails. In addition, they are the ideal solution for rugged terrain and poor conditions.

What is a Fat Tyre Electric Bike?

Quite frankly, the bikes are described as intended. Fat tyre e-bikes are fitted with oversized tyres surpassing a tyre width of 3 inches. Furthermore, you will visually be able to notice the large diameter of the wheel itself. 

How We Chose Our Top 5 Fat Tyre E-Bikes

Being UK e-bike specialists, we are lucky enough to try and review some of the best electric bikes the market has to offer. 

Fat Tyre e-bikes are known for range, power and durability, so these are three critical elements we look for in fat tyre electric bikes.

We have combined these factors with the best value for money to ensure your hard-earned money is well invested.

Our Top 5 Fat Tyre Electric Bikes

Let's get started on our carefully curated list. Here are our top five.

1. Hygge Vester Step Folding Fat Tyre Electric Bike 250W

First up on our list is the Hygge Vester Step. 



This brand and model have become hugely popular on UK streets over the last 24 months. Priced at only £999.00, we think this is an excellent e-bike for all walks of life. We have found it challenging to find another fat tyre e-bike that is so well-rounded and reliable for such an affordable price in the market.

Folding Alloy Frame

The foldable frame makes it so easy to take with you whether you're jumping on the tube in London or trying to save room in the boot of your car. The Vester Step is potentially one of the most efficient fat tyre e-bikes we've seen. The bike weighs 27kg, still making it light enough to carry between rides in the city.

Designed To Go The Distance

Fitted with a 10Ah battery and a 250-watt motor, the Vester Step can endure distances up to 60 kilometres. But if you are going to be travelling that far, you want to make comfort a priority. The front alloy crown suspension and ergonomically designed sports saddle do help make long-distance cycling a breeze.

Shimano Gearing

In the world of electric bikes, we all know that Shimano is an excellent bike parts manufacturer. You can be sure of fluid gear changes thanks to the Shimano 7-speed gearing system.

Who Is It For?

This bike is suitable for anyone between 5ft2" and 6ft2". But, again, this electric bike can adapt to various heights, ages, demographics and environments.

If you're interested in viewing the Hygge Vester Step, click the link below.



2. Big Game Bikes Impala Folding Fat Tyre Electric Bike 250W

Next, is the Impala brought to you by UK-based company Big Game Bikes. Similarly, to the Hygge Vester Step, The BGB Impala have used an effective combination of fat tyres with a folding frame. The BGB Impala does come with a higher price tag, but we can safely say the Impala is a very well-oiled machine. 



Huge Potential Range

According to the specification, this bike is designed to travel up to 100 miles *subject to PAS level & other riding conditions. We can safely say this is no joke, and people have been reaching these distances frequently.


Big Game Bikes Impala 250W Review


Thanks to designs like this, it is making it more accessible for people to travel efficiently and sustainably.

Plenty Of Storage

This beast of an e-bike is designed with a rear pannier rack allowing you to stow up to 120 kg on each ride. They have catered to a busy, constantly moving urban environment. So, whether it be your possessions or delivery for your customer, you can ensure your goods get from point A to point B in style.

USB Charging Port/LCD Display

BGB have thought of everything for this model. Keep your device from losing power whilst you are cycling.

Who Is It For?

Anyone can use this bike, but it would be highly beneficial for commuters and e-bike food deliveries, thanks to its 100-mile range, 120kg payload, and LCD screen displaying a variety of metrics, such as battery level, pedal assist level, mileage and speed.

Furthermore, a built-in USB port will ensure your device remains fully charged whilst you're on the go. 

If you would like to learn more about this e-bike, please follow the link below where you will find an in-depth breakdown


3. E-go Max Folding Fat Tyre Electric Bike 250W

We followed the trend again and picked another fantastic fat tyre folding e-bike. This bike has been brought to you by another brilliant British company named e-go.



The E-go Max is a tremendous folding electric bike with the same pedigree as its two children, lite and lite+ but with a massive 150kg payload and a large 14ah branded Samsung/LG lithium-ion battery that gives it a great range, up to 90km. 

As with all e-go e-bikes, the unique design incorporates the batteries inside the seat post; at first glance, it doesn't even look like a folding electric bike!

The battery can be easily removed so you can charge the battery inside your home, work or any situation. Disc brakes front and rear mean you can stop this bike quickly and safely when needed.

Here are a few things that we found extremely useful:

4 Modes: Pedal assist, cruise, walk and standard bike mode.

The feature is excellent to use when you are adapting to the environment you are in. For example, you can set the mode to pedal-assist when cycling challenging terrain and gradients and can switch between modes if you find yourself in busy urban environments where the speed of travel constantly changes.

Nevertheless, if these modes don't suit you, that's no problem. You are still able to cycle at the pace you desire manually.

Lightweight and Fully Foldable

With an impressive total weight of 20 KG, this allows an individual to carry the bike when necessary. Furthermore, as mentioned, the E-Go Max is foldable in four steps to help you easily transport it. This is one of the lightest fat-tyre electric bikes you will find on the market. If you're always adventuring or commuting, this will be a perfect e-bike.

Adjustable to Your Needs

The 20" wheels use 2.35 tyres. The seat post and handlebar stem are adjustable, making this and all e-go folding electric bikes suitable for many riders. They are fully loaded with front and rear mudguards- front and rear lights and disc brakes-bell reflectors.

Who Is It For?

The beauty of this fat tyre electric bike is that it is suitable for literally anyone. You do not have to be physically fit, as there's plenty of power behind it. The adjustable handlebars and saddle will adapt to all of its riders. If you're looking for an all-around reliable and affordable e-bike manufactured in Britain, look no further than the E-go Max and its family of e-bikes.

To discover more about the E-go Max please click the link below.


4.Hygge Vester Lite Fat Tyre Electric Bike 250W

We've added another Hygge model to the list as we simply could not exclude this model. Hygge has developed a high-quality range of electric bikes; believe me, it's not going unnoticed.



Plenty Of Range and Power

With distances of up to 60 km and a 10Ah battery, The compact Vester Lite packs a punch. A rear pannier rack will be more than enough to store your belongings for your journey.

Comfortable Design for Your Travels

Hygge is originally a Danish word that means being comfortable and content. Hygge has lived up to this name by providing an ergonomic sports saddle, front alloy suspension and a smooth, fluid Shimano gearing system.

The Best Value for Money?

Priced at a staggering £999.00, you can ensure you will get a bang for your buck. However, in our experience, we've found that bikes with this specification have been on the market for at least £1500 and beyond.

Hygge has undoubtedly provided a terrific value product for the money you invest into this source of eco-friendly transport. 

Who Is It For?

This, again, can be used anywhere. It's a bike designed for a leisurely experience, but thanks to the fat tyres, it did not have a problem with challenging terrain over the distance.

If you would like to learn more, please visit the link below and discover Hygge.


 5. E Movement Panther V4 Folding Fat Tyre Electric Bike 250W

Last but not least, we bring you the Panther V4 by yet another brilliant UK Brand - E-Movement. 



We love many things about this e-bike, but we've listed our top few below.

Suitable For Any Environment 

With 120 Psi fat tyres and rear and lockable front suspension, the Panther V4 provides the ultimate experience wherever your ride takes you. In addition, the foldable feature will allow you to take your bike with you at all times. The Panther can cover approximately 50 miles on each ride.

Who Is It For?

This bike is well equipped and suitable for any environment, so we suggest it if you're looking for that sustainable commute, leisurely cycle or mountain trailblaze. However, we recommend that the minimum height of the user should be roughly 5ft6".

If you would like to research further, click the link below to get a full breakdown of the bike.


Conclusion: Our Top 5 Fat Tyre Electric Bikes

So, there you have it, our top 5 list of the best fat tyre e-bikes we stock. 

All the listed fat tyre e-bikes have a warranty of at least one year, so you can always ensure that there will never be an issue down the line.

If you have any questions after reading this blog, require further information, or want some advice, please do not hesitate to contact us via telephone or email.

Happy Cycling!