Our Top 5 Ladies Electric Bikes

Esen Electric provides women in the UK with an excellent range of ladies' electric bikes.

Below is our list of our top 5 ladies' electric bikes we love!

If you haven't already read it, check out how to find the perfect electric bike for you.


E-Bikes For Women - The Top 5


1) Basis Dorchester Step-Through Electric Bike 

The Basis Dorchester is one of our best-selling step-through e-bikes. Its 16" frame is the perfect size for most female riders. Accompanied with zoom suspension forks, this e-bike makes for a pleasurable ride on any surface.

A 250-watt rear hub motor partnered with an integrated 7.8 ah battery will enable you to travel distances up to 25 miles. This makes it an excellent bike for all conditions, whether touring in urban or rural areas.

Hybrid tread wheels are fitted to improve traction and durability, making a reliable e-bike on wet weather journeys.

The Basis Dorchester is priced at only £749.00, making it great value for money. In addition, this e-bike is covered with a full 1-year manufacturer warranty to give you that extra peace of mind.


Buy the Basis Dorchester Ladies' Electric Bike here.


2) MBM E-Primavera Step-Through Hybrid Electric Bike

The E-Primavera is a perfect e-bike, blending a safe, comfortable design with an aesthetically pleasing finish.

A 50nm mid-motor allows you to climb hills and gradients easily. The 10.4 ah integrated battery will help you go the distance. The E-primavera also includes a pannier rack, helping you to transport your items throughout your journey.

The bike provides quality components, including Shimano shifters and a comfortable saddle. The E-Primavera also has a step-through frame that makes it easy to get on and off the bike.

Puncture-resistant tyres will protect you against hazardous items in all environments. This e-bike also comes with a full manufacturer warranty. Overall, the MBM E-Primavera is a fantastic option for anyone looking for a quality hybrid electric bike.


Buy the MBM E-Primavera here


3) Dallingridge Harlow Step-Through Hybrid Electric Bike

Another brilliant and reliable ladies' electric bike. The Dallingridge Harlow has developed a very reputable presence within the UK.

Built around an ergonomic Step-Through Alloy frame, the Harlow is designed for ease of use & rider versatility. Quickly & easily hop on for your errand runs, city or rural commute, or Sunday family adventure - and with its handy rear rack, your luggage is taken care of. Cushioned by the 63mm Suntour suspension forks & hybrid tyres, you'll find performance & comfort aren't compromised by a bit of roughness.

The Dallingridge Harlow allows you to travel distances of 50 miles, which makes it a great choice if you are thinking about planning a scenic journey.

The Harlow is sleek, charming, and capable, supported by sharp 160mm mechanical disc brakes, refined by the enclosed chainguard & gloss mudguards. A great companion. 

To put a cherry on top of this package, you will receive a full 12 - month manufacturer warranty, Covering you from damage or harm caused to the e-bike.


Buy your Dallingridge Harlow step-through electric bike today. 


4) Crussis 1.6 e-Savela Ladies Trekking Electric Bike

An e-bike that ticks all the boxes, from commuting to exploring mountain trails. 

With five levels of assistance and 21 Shimano speed gearing, it is effortless to reach the top of a gradient smoothly. Cover up to 60 miles in one single charge thanks to the cleverly integrated 13 amp battery and 250-watt Bafang motor.

The low-step aluminium crossbar design is 17" and 19". This practically covers every single height for the ladies.

Aspiring confidence through control. A long day in the saddle won't seem daunting, thanks to the responsive V-Type brake system and ZOOM 420E front suspension forks ironing out the creases.

Once again, you'll receive a full 12-month manufacturer warranty, helping you preserve this fantastic electric bike.


Buy your Crussis 1.6 e-Savela Ladies Trekking Electric Bike today.


5) Ezego Commute Ex Ladies Electric Bike

Looking to explore more, ride farther and climb hills faster? The Ezego Commute Ex is the easy choice!

Designed with a low-step crossbar for easy accessibility, this e-bike combines versatility, technology and style into the next generation of adventure-ready e-bikes! 

It features a 250W 36V rear hub brushless gear drive motor that provides 45Nm of torque regulated to 15.5mph and is supplied by a giant 418Wh Samsung-powered battery for multiple rides between charges. 

Find new roads and roll wherever the road takes you with an 8-speed Shimano gearing system, powerful disc brakes, walk assist feature and Kenda puncture-resistant tires, tackling any terrain with better traction and control.

The fitted battery provides support when you need it with a range of up to 40 miles on a single charge. Undoubtedly, you'll be ready for any path you cross!


Buy your Ezego Commute Ex Ladies Electric Bike today.

To conclude this article, we feel these are some of the best e-bikes in general on the market. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact our expert team; we will be happy to assist you.