The Key Benefits of Electric Transport

Electricity is changing how we look to transport ourselves now and in the future. With the technology now maturing to the point that effective long-lasting electric vehicles are available from many manufacturers, more people are opting to buy travel by this mode of transport. So, what are the key benefits of electric transport?

Our Planet Benefits

Though long argued, it's now clear to see through scientific data that the real-world emissions from the use of electric vehicles are considerably lower than that of fossil-fuelled transport. Though initial emissions for the production of an electric vehicle are higher than a petrol or diesel car once produced the electric car does not have to drive very far to break even with the far more polluting in use fossil fuel vehicle. Even the emissions on producing the vehicle are in many ways easier to reduce and control as they generally are happening in controlled environments like manufacturing plants. These plants are modern manufacturing facilities that comply with the latest requirements over emissions. The electricity that electric cars consume does have emissions associated with it, but these emissions are falling and are required to fall in the future as we decarbonise our electricity generation. Electric cars are able to refuel any time they are parked. This gives the opportunity to make use of the car's batteries to store excess energy produced at times of greater renewable energy production.

With global warming now changing the shape of the world around us, it's paramount that we adopt low-carbon methods for our transport. Electric cars are here now, the faster we adopt them the better the outlook is for us and the planet we live on.

It's not just CO2 emissions that are brought about by fossil fuel transport, Nitrogen oxides, commonly referred to as NOX emissions, are responsible for acid rain and smog. Driving an electric vehicle does not produce any NOX emissions.

Lower Running Costs

With governments knowing that reducing carbon emissions from transport is both imperative and at the same time incredibly difficult to achieve they have been quick to notice the positive effect electric vehicles have on direct emissions whilst driving. Electric vehicles benefit from initial grants such as the UK government's Plug-In Car Grant (PICG) which offers £2500 against the cost of purchase of an electric car costing £35000 or less. With people concerned about where they can charge their electric car and to speed the uptake of electric vehicles in general, the UK Government has introduced The Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS) which provides a grant of up to 75% or up to £350 towards the cost of installing an electric vehicle charge point at your home. A similar scheme is available for businesses to provide charging points at the workplace.

Road tax is currently zero even for electric cars costing over £40,000 this is to financially incentivise the purchase of an electric car, no one likes paying tax, so saving the environment whilst paying less tax is always going to be an appealing proposition. 

Once purchased, the cost of fuelling your electric vehicle is vastly cheaper than conventional petrol or diesel cars. With the cost of energy especially fossil fuel energy increasing year on year significant savings can be generated over the life of an electric vehicle. With those not wishing to purchase an electric car outright, there are lease plans that let you enjoy the savings in running costs without having to ever purchase the car. For people who travel into cities in their cars, electric cars offer the benefits of being a low emission vehicle exempt from the daily charges imposed on the more polluting fossil fuel vehicles. As well as individuals, businesses themselves benefit from favourable taxation of electric cars. 

When it comes to maintenance, electric cars win here too. A fossil fuel vehicle has many more moving components than an electric car. The engines in modern petrol or diesel cars are complex pieces of machinery with many sensitive electronic controls to make them run and minimise the pollution they produce. This means expensive maintenance compared with an electric car with fewer moving components. Spending less time in a garage than a conventional car, an electric car is a great proposition for those with limited time on their hands who need a vehicle to be on hand day in day out.

Better For Us

The pollution produced by petrol and diesel transport is causing global warming, but it is also damaging the air we breathe. Smog is not a new thing, but our understanding of air pollution has grown along with the problem. We now know NOx emissions are responsible for many deaths due to respiratory problems.

Driving or being driven in an electric car is a much quieter experience than that offered by even the most comfortable fossil-fuelled cars. Petrol and Diesel engines are noisy by nature and though silenced by exhausts and soundproofing, the vibratory nature of their operation means there will always be associated noise. This is in contrast to an electric car that doesn't have any vibration-making reciprocating components, just rotary ones which are inherently much quieter. 

Though safety concerns exist over how quiet electric cars can be, you need only stand near a road and listen to the considerable noise it makes for people and wildlife close by widespread adoption of electric cars would transform the country for the benefit of all its residents.

A Cumulative Effect

The more we adopt electric transport, the more we will see its benefits. As adoption increases, we will have less reliance on the heavy polluters in the petrochemical industry and further infrastructure in zero-carbon energy to power electric cars. With each electric vehicle that replaces a fossil fuel vehicle, the requirement for the infrastructure that supports them grows less. As we move towards a low emissions future, electric cars have a vital role to play.


So, now you know the key benefits of electric transport. We hope we've provided some great insights to help you start moving electric.